Information about Arbeitsamt

Who is Arbeitsamt?

Arbeitsamt is the public service for employment and training in the German speaking Community of Belgium. Our services are aimed at jobseekers and employers. All our services are free of charge.

For jobseekers, our services are divided into three main areas.

  • First and foremost, placement and job counselling: This includes job placement, counselling and support in job search, as well as assistance in entering or re-entering the labour market.
  • Career guidance: We support job seekers as well as students in their search for a career goal and the corresponding training. We also provide information about professions and the labour market.
  • Vocational training: We offer vocational and practical training in our own training centres or in collaboration with  companies or other training providers.

How can Arbeitsamt help me find a job?

To register as a jobseeker is an important step towards finding a new job.

After your registration at Arbeitsamt, we can help you find a job or training and inform you about suitable job vacancies.

Our services for jobseekers are all free of charge.

I would like to register with Arbeitsamt

You can register with Arbeitsamt via an online form. Your registration is voluntary.
Alternatively, you can come in person to one of our offices. You can find the addresses and opening hours here.

Click here for the online form in German or French.

Where can I find jobs?

Visit our portal for vacancies at

Here you will find all job offers notified to Arbeitsamt, both from companies and institutions in East Belgium and from neighbouring  regions in Belgium and abroad. Most offers include the employer's contact details so you can apply directly.

Job search outside East Belgium

On the internet you will also find job offers from the employment offices of the other federal states of Belgium, as well as from private employment agencies and temporary employment agencies.

You can also register as a jobseeker with the other employment offices in Belgium. This gives you access to various services offered by these institutions, such as submitting your CV, being automatically informed about job offers, etc.

What services does Arbeitsamt offer?

Employment counselling

Sometimes direct job placement is not possible: the applicant does not have the profile companies are looking for, the qualification is insufficient or health, family or social problems make it difficult to find a job.

In such cases, Arbeitsamt offers supporting measures.

After registration you will be assigned a personal adviser. If you do not find a job straight away, your adviser will help you. In one or more personal interviews, all relevant questions that are important with regard to your placement will be settled. This counselling helps to increase your chances on the labour market.

Vocational guidance

Vocational guidance counsellors offer services to young people and adults concerning career choice and vocational (re)orientation. They help you find a suitable career, training or study.

These services also include information about studies and vocational training, individual counselling on vocational matters, as well as job application coaching.

Vocational training  

Arbeitsamt is your point of contact if you want to attend training or further education in order to improve your chances on the labour market. Prior to participation your employment counsellor will see you to clarify your motivation, expectations and qualifications and help you apply for the training.

Arbeitsamt offers several types of measures: vocational training, individual training in the company, internships as well as measures for vocational integration.

What if I don't have internet access?

In the Treffpunkt interAktiv, the open area in the employment office in St. Vith, you can use the computers provided for this purpose free of charge as part of your job search. We also offer the same service at the Job Centre in Kelmis.

In addition, you will find everything you need for a targeted, independent job search: the current job offers, newspapers with job advertisements, word processing, printer, telephone, scanner, photocopier, etc..

This provides you the opportunity to create your CV and letters of application on a PC, to copy and send all your documents or to contact employers immediately.

Of course, you can also use the possibilities of the internet and contact employers via their websites or by e-mail.

Please contact the reception desk when you first visit  Arbeitsamt. They will be happy to help you.

Unfortunately, due to damage caused by the 2021 floods, this service is currently not available in our Eupen office.

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